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Shenzhen Sipotek Info Technology Co., Ltd.

Sipotek borns in 2002 to meet the demands of the industrial market in the field of control and vision inspection. We have been specializing in researching and producing high quality CCD vision inspection machines for more than 16 years.

Sipotek located in Shenzhen city China, the company designs and manufactures visual inspection systems thanks to its avant-garde R & D department, with great experience in artificial vision technologies.

The Sipotek staff supports customers 360 degrees from the request to the development of ambitious products for quality control.

The Sipotek visual inspection machines are able to satisfy the needs of companies belonging to the most different sectors, all over the world.

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Vision Machines

We offer quality Machine Vision Inspection System in China, fast shipping to worldwide.

High Speed Glass Turntable Inspection Machine

1.Equipment type: T300 (Upgraded version)

2.Characteristics: Special automatic vibratory feeder.

3.Main functions: Inspection of length, height, diameter, mixedmaterial, deformation, missing material, burr, black spot, scratch and etc.

4.Application filed: Inspecting high precision products like rubber parts, precision hardware components, automotive and mobile phone accessories, plastics and electronics etc.

5.Inspection accuracy: The highest accuracy is up to ±0.005mm. 6.Inspection speed: The fastest speed is up to 1200 pcs/minute

Tape Inspection Machine

Roll Carry Tape Inspection Machine

1.Equipment type: SP-800

2.Main functions: inspect missing, shift, burrs, print and appearance defects

3.Suitable range: different kinds of roll, carry tape products, customized

4.Inspection speed: highest speed to 300-1000CM/minute

On-line Flying Beat Real-time Automated Inspection Machine

1.Equipment type: SP-900 series
2.Machine characteristics: dedicated production line on-line detection for wrong or missing loading, missing material and defects.
3.Main functions: detect missing or mistaken loading, mixing materials, wrong or missing labeling and defective inspection.
4.Scope of application: Suitable for all kinds of hardware, plastic assembly keys
5.Detection accuracy: the highest accuracy can reach 0.05- 0.1mm
6.Detection efficiency: up to 1 second per beat
7.Machine is able to be customized.

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All of the world’s leading manufacturers.

Electronic Manufacturers

Foxconn chooses Sipotek to inspect apertures in digital camera housing.

Clinical and Lab Instrument

EUROIMMUN chooses Sipotek to read codes on microscope sample slides.

Aerospace and Defense Manufacturers

Laser Devices chooses Sipotek to verify UID direct part marks.

Automotive Manufacturers

Continental AG chooses Sipotek to track and inspect automotive electronics.

Packaging Manufacturers

Del Monte Foods chooses Sipotek to check the quality and traceability of canned vegetables.

Medical Device Manufacturers

Terumo Medical Corporation chooses Sipotek to ensure compliant device labels.


Top manufacturers of machine vision system that designs and builds intelligent vision solutions used for quality control.
The most extensive suite of user-friendly camera, software and lighting products for inspection and guidance.
Sipotek works with the best hardware and software companies in the world to provide customers with the most robust and reliable solution.
Sipotek helps companies go from offline sample inspection to 100% automated inline inspection.
Sipotek has a customer-centric approach to projects and has dedicated teams and resources from project management, design, assembly, installation, training, and post-installation support and service.

Our team is well-trained, leveraging a combined 250+ man-years of vision experience. Over 1000 clients worldwide rely on our expertise to solve their most demanding vision applications on-time and within budget. WE ARE A MACHINE VISION SOLUTIONS PROVIDER. WE SEE WHAT OTHERS CAN’T!


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