CCD Camera

The CCD is called as electric charge-coupled device, which integrates photoelectric conversion and charge storage, charge transfer, and signal reading together. It is a solid-state imaging device. Unlike other devices taking current or voltage as signal, CCD camera has an outstanding feature. That is taking the electric charge as signal.


The basic function of the lens is to achieve beam transformation (modulation). In the machine vision system, the main function of the lens is to image the target on the photosensitive surface of the image sensor. The quality of the lens directly affects the overall performance of the machine vision system. Corrective choosing and mounting the lens are an important part to design machine vision system.

Light Source

Machine vision inspection systems adopt CCD cameras and transfer the inspected target to image signal, which then will be transferred to special image processing system. According to the pixel distribution and brightness, color and other information, they will be transferred into a digital signal. The image processing system performs various calculations on these signals to extract the characteristics of the target.


The SP-200 system integrates highly packaged visual algorithm tools including positioning, defect detection, codes recognition, and geometric measurements. Users do not need to write a program, just need to follow a simple configuration guide to complete a variety of visual solutions.

Vision System Application Range

1.Dimensional measurement: Length, width, center distance, point to point, point to line, center to line, angle, etc.

2.External appearance inspection: Scratches, burrs, defects, dirt, cracks, etc.

3.Code recognition: Fast read English characters, discover wrong numbers

4.Printing inspection: Wrong-print, missing-print, character code inspecting

5.Barcode inspection: 1D and 2D code reading

6.Category recognition: Sorting and segregating different products

7.Position guidance: Contour graphics, edges, angles and center positioning

8.Counter tool: Counting the quantity

Vision System Description