Machine Vision Plastics Inspection

Many manufacturers know that problems tend to start at the beginning of a production line and defects can devastating consequences.

Sometimes, defects are cosmetic and otherwise safe to use. In other cases, defects can result in damaging effects to the company, including customer product safety hazards and costly recalls.

Vision inspection systems prevent defects from making it out of the production line and save time, resources, and money.

Machine vision systems rapidly inspect products with incredible accuracy. Integro Technologies offers vision inspection for an array of manufacturers’ needs from detecting flawed seals to inadequate fill levels.

Sipotek Technologies’ inspection applications can verify the presence of safety seals, cap heights, color inspection, alignment issues, label placement, and more. One such application is the Anaconda Tube Inspection System, which is designed to inspect continuous material like surgical tubing, cable, and wire at production speeds in excess of 600 feet per minute.

By implementing vision systems on the production line, manufacturers prevent wasted products and costly recalls.

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