Industrial vision automating quality control

Sipotek are custom manufacturer of vision inspection systems, including automated, turnkey systems for assembly verification and inspection applications.

Sipotek automated vision inspection systems are designed to cater for a wide range of components and can be used for pharmaceuticals, medical devices, automotives, system integrators, machine builders, sorting, manufacturing, packaging and all-type of automation and robotic applications.The systems have been developed to meet high speed quality control requirements for 100% inspection.

  • Part verification (orientation, function, dimension, finished part features)
  • Presence/Absence detection
  • Defect detection
  • Optical character recognition & verification (OCR/OCV)
  • Automated vision test & measurement
  • Colour verification
  • Pattern matching
  • Barcode reading and traceability
  • Vision guided robot/robot guidance

Our experience with handling systems is key to offering a total solution when integrating vision software. Typical projects start with an evaluation of the vision parameters in order to provide a complete machine.

The Sipotek vision inspection & quality control system

High Performance, High Reliability, High Speed, Highly Accurate vision inspection


100% end of line inspection
100% surface inspection for all types of defects
360° surface inspection (front, rear and side)
Capable of speeds of up to 1000 parts per minute
Multi double speed progressive scan cameras (colour cameras also available)